Jew Hoogstraten

by Meister Eckehart

July 24, 2002

Recently the Jewish real estate mogul Nicholas van Hoogstraten was found guilty for the murder of Muhammed Raja. Raja was murdered three years ago by five stabs with a knife whereupon he was shot in the face from close range.

Raja, a Pakistani residing in England, used to be one of van Hoogstraten's partners, but the Jew, well known for his shady transactions, swindled Raja, so he sued van Hoogstraten for fraud. This the Jew could not tolerate so he decided to teach Raja a lesson. He teamed up with another Jew, David Croke, and asked for his assistance in the murder.

Croke was earlier this month sentenced to life in prison for his involvement, and according to the judge he is "plainly very dangerous." Van Hoogstraten is about to go through an examination conducted by a forensic psychiatrist, after which his sentence will be passed, on October the 2nd this year. According to the judge, van Hoogstraten risks lifetime if he is considered sane.

This is far from van Hoogstraten's first encounter with justice. While still in his early twenties he was sentenced to four years in prison for having thrown a hand grenade at a partner he disliked. The judge in that case declared that the Jew was an "arrogant and evil young man." Despite his Jewish background, van Hoogstraten was educated in a Jesuit school, but his view on Christians was well manifested when he battered one of the nuns with a chair leg during school.

Beside mansions in Rhodesia, Nice, and Florida, van Hoogstraten also resides in a personal palace in Sussex, even greater than Buckingham Palace, which hitherto has cost 60 million dollars to build, which makes it the most expensive private residential building in Britain in over a century. This building has caused some controversy as well since van Hoogstraten began to raise fences and block paths in the area to keep people away from his show-off building. This, however, was against the law and in 1999 he lost a lawsuit and had to pay a $2,400 fine. Further, van Hoogstraten has made it to a famous book of records for having the largest outstanding tax ever in Britain.

What has made van Hoogstraten one of Britain's richest men, with assets over 300 million dollars, are real estate affairs. His view of his tenants is not very positive however. In a British documentary he stated, among other things, that "tenants are filth, by their very nature. What kind of person is a tenant? A person with no self-respect. I don't look after tenants. Why should I look after tenants? One looks after the building, looks after one's asset."

For the Jew money is obviously everything, people nothing.

A judge's description of the Jew van Hoogstraten as a "self-styled emissary of Beelzebub," does not feel a bit improper. What contributes to this, beside the above, is his long-time friendship with the Negroid Marxist Robert Mugabe, also acting as one of his prime economic providers. When Mugabe carried out his acts of terror against the White Rhodesians during the '60s and '70s, he did so with weapons bought with van Hoogstraten's money, at the same time as van Hoogstraten pretended to be a part of the White establishment there.

Mugabe was not the only one who got a share of van Hoogstraten's money; so did the Negroid terrorist Joshua Nkomo, leader of another Negroid tribe in Rhodesia. Thanks to his financier, among other things, Nkomo could bring down a civil Viscount airliner on September 3, 1978. Only 18 of the 59 passengers survived the crash. The Negroes leaping to the scene later on killed ten of the initial survivors; one of them, an airhostess, was gang raped to death. Despite this, the mass media kept on hailing Nkomo and the Negroid terror against Whites in Rhodesia, in Sweden, especially by DN (the Daily News) controlled by the Jew Pär Wästberg-Hirsch. The praise did not even stop when Nkomo February 12, 1979, brought down yet another civil airliner, this time causing 59 casualties. In both cases almost all victims were White.

Today the main part of Rhodesia's White-owned farms is about to be confiscated, but the country's largest private landowner, the now-convicted murderer van Hoogstraten, will keep his farms untouched, as well as his gold mine. He has at several times praised Mugabe and, implicitly, stated that the Whites of Rhodesia deserve nothing but death. What, then, does not van Hoogstraten himself deserve, as well as those fighting on his side against the survival of Rhodesia's White population?


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